3. 5. 2015 We will be attend Vitafoods Europe 2015 fair

Just like in previous years, we will attend the international Vitafoods Europe fair in Geneva. You can book an appointment with us on May 5th and 6th in this inspirational environment, or stop by at the GoCaps stand (I51) where COMBICAPS technologies and ready-made products will be presented. We are looking forward to seeing you there. ...continue


At the end of the 20th century, the pharmaceutical company Favea a. s., based in Kopřivnice, Czech Republic, set a goal to increase the quality as well as the utility value of its newly developed products through the progressive technology of particle micronization (the decrease of size from millimeters to micrometers). The micro-grinding of a ...continue

26. 2. 2013 Personalized medicine – tailored treatment

"If it were not for the great variability among individuals, medicine might as well be a science, not an art." Sir William Osler, 1892 According to the PubMed database the term "personalized medicine" was first used in 1971 as a part of an article written by Canadian W.M. Gibson, MD. It reflected very accurately the time of big discoveries in ...continue

16. 5. 2012 Attractive alternative to soft capsules

Hard (gelatinous, hypromelose) capsules are the very popular forms for administration of the both chemical drugs and natural substances.  Originally the gelatinous or hypromelose capsules used to be filled by a mixture of powders, granulates, then also pellets or micropellets. The Favea Company intends to develop the region of hard capsule ...continue

17. 11. 2011 Do you suffer from flatus or obstruction flatus?

Release of the intestinal gases is a natural sign accompanying digestion. Adult humans produce from 500 ml to 2500 ml of gases per day. They include nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen. In case of malabsorption and consumption of inappropriate food not only the production of gases increases, but also their odour shows evidence of ...continue

1. 7. 2009 Biotechnology - the future of the Czech industry

Near a small city in Nothern Moravia which name is Koprivnice will be formed a new and unique research and development center for biotechnology science in this region. Under the help of the Ministry of  Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and grants from the „Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation 2007 – 2013“ farmaceutical ...continue

12. 6. 2009 Nanotechnology and some examples of its application in the living organism

Nanotechnology is a frequently used word. A number of disciplines such as chemistry, physics, electronics, mechanics, as well as medicine and pharmacology is concerned. The common base of the name is the word nanos, which in Greek means a dwarf. It is already clear that the rapidly developing science has something to do with small things. But our ...continue

1. 6. 2009 Micronization at Favea, spol. s r.o.

At the beginning there was a claim made by a renowned cosmetic company, to eradicate the sharp edges of pigments for decorative cosmetics for which the skin of a female body is very sensitive, and at the same time there was the possibility to use smaller quantities of pigments while achieving enhanced colour. (By the way, you know that a woman ...continue

28. 5. 2009 THERAPEUTIC SYSTEMS - controlled release of drugs from dosage forms (Drug Delivery Systems)

One of the founders of therapeutic systems in the pharmaceutical industry has become an American company, ALZA Corporation, which in the seventies of last century realized a vision of sophisticated pharmaceutical products with controlled release. For most solutions the principle of an osmotic pump was used, which achieved excellent results in the ...continue

28. 5. 2009 Engineering and consultancy activity

We ensure construction and preparation of technological systems and operations, especially in the pharmaceutical industry and the health care system. We operate in accordance with directives and regulations of the correct production and engineering practices. The principal fields of our activity involve: 1. Technical consultancy and audits in ...continue

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