16. 5. 2012 - Attractive alternative to soft capsules

Hard (gelatinous, hypromelose) capsules are the very popular forms for administration of the both chemical drugs and natural substances.  Originally the gelatinous or hypromelose capsules used to be filled by a mixture of powders, granulates, then also pellets or micropellets. The Favea Company intends to develop the region of hard capsule preparations, in which the active substances are present in the form of oil solutions and dispersions.

100_3997_400Active substances, which are in the form of oil solutions and dispersions, are commonly filled into the known soft gelatinous capsules and widely used in the production of drugs and dietary supplements. Favea decided to follow a different way. It purchased a quite complicated production machinery of the Japan origin directed for filling of oils and dispersions. This machinery could be used to fill the hard capsules with the oil content. The body and top of the filled capsule is connected and locked by a strip, which ensures tightness and prevents even trace escape of oil. At the same time it is also some kind of safety insurance, because it prevents any interference or change of the capsule content.

The fully automatic filler ensures precise dosage and locking of the capsule parts by the strip band. After that, the locked (stripped) capsules could be placed into the blister packs or plastic bowls. The machine equipment minimalizes the need of auxiliary substances during the manufacture and offers the possibility to fill the capsules with various types of oils, oil solutions and also offers multiphase filling.

Multiphase hard capsule filling is a technologically interesting step. The capsule could be filled with oil and at the same time with pellets containing other active substances. These can be formulated in such way, that their dissolution occurs in the specific site of the digestive tract. Favea developed formulations with acid resistant properties, which enable the release of contents by the time the small intestine is reached.

What are the advantages of filling oils into the hard capsules? They include: easier dosage, which replaces spoons or pipettes. Prevention of sometimes unpleasant taste or smell perceptions – these are known to accompany e.g. the wide range of fish oils or Krill phospholipids and oils containing omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Hard capsules also protect their contents against oxidative processes, which could depreciate oils filled into bottles, when they are repeatedly opened and closed.

By purchasing the machinery for filling oils Favea created the space to develop and produce new generation of drugs/dietary supplements in the effective and elegant capsule form. They are easily applied; they enable the precise dosage of not only the known natural oils, fat soluble vitamins, carotenoids, xanthophylls, but also the dispersions of flavonoids and oher antioxidants, oil suspensions with pellets, which contain the wide range of active substances permitted for use in the dietary supplements.


PharmDr. Milan Krajíček