1. 7. 2009 - Biotechnology - the future of the Czech industry

Near a small city in Nothern Moravia which name is Koprivnice will be formed a new and unique research and development center for biotechnology science in this region. Under the help of the Ministry of  Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and grants from the „Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation 2007 – 2013“ farmaceutical company Favea will build here the new biotechnology center. This investment enables the realisation of most of sofisticated research activities in the biotechnology field and also helps to Favea to increase its market and competitor´s potential.

_mg_4370_400Favea enters with this big project to the field of molecular biology and high-tech biotechnology. This new center enables realisation of most of actual projects in one place. Till now some activities were realised by outsourcing. Favea is nowadays cooperating with Czech and foreign universities and research institutions.

The company is now strongly focused to the problems of therapy of infectious and oncological diseases. Favea is nowadays dealing several projects in this field. In this activities Favea use also micronisation technology and simultaneously implement some methods of nanotechnogy, molecular biology and genetic engineering.

The research and development center will be equipped with full automatised 270 L bioreactor and all necessary down-stream process technology for industrial development including separation, purification and freese drying systems.

An important part of the center will be also fully equiped analytical and microbiological laboratory. The whole area will be certified under GMP and GLP conditions and enables development  of human drugs.

Author: RNDr. Petr Rysavka