About us

FAVEA a.s. is an all-Czech pharmaceutical company which aims to assist people in strengthening their health through effective preventative care through the application of the latest findings in medicine and pharmaceutical technology.

We are in the unique position of applying the latest pharmaceutical technology to create a superior product. Thanks to the application of micro- and nanotechnological processes, we are capable of changing physical abilities of the nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals and thus enhance their effectiveness, reduce their toxicity and undesired side effects.

Our company has acquired expertise with export of products and services to countries throughout Europe such as: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and France.

Our vision

Thanks to application of the latest processes of pharmaceutical technologies, our company aims at becoming one of the three most significant producers of nutritional supplements in the Czech Republic.

Our creative team of professionals is provided with premium work conditions and an outlet to allow their original ideas to come true.

Quality is the highest law of our company.