About us

Milestones in the life of the company FAVEA

Year 1994 - In 1994, the company FAVEA was established.

Year 1998 - After four years of experimenting, we, as one of the first companies, installed a line for substance micronization, which diminishes the particle dimensions 50 up to 100 times and thus enables increased biological availability of the substances.

Year 2000 - In 2000, we succeeded in implementing a method of frugal tablet compacting and monitoring of tablet maturing SOFT TABLETTING, which is suitable for industrial processing of micronisates with biologically active proteins.

Year 2001 - The full strength of the team solution was wholly reflected in achieving grant objectives. For a project of enhancing the biological availability of polyphenols, we were, in co-operation with other academic workplaces, awarded a prize for Innovation 2001.

Year 2002 - Monitoring of global trends and customers´ requirements resulted in launching the production of submicron dispersions in a liquid form and their preservative-free conservation.

Year 2003 - Following the accession to the European Union, we co-operated with a German company Sabine Maurer and launched production of nanoparticles and thus made a move from the world of microcosm into the realm of quantum.

Year 2004 - The charm of spherical particles prompted us to implementation of pellets/granules production and a year later we succeeded in developing gradual release forms.

Year 2006 - Findings from immunology and availability of local raw materials (milk and colostrum) inspired us to solve separation of biologically active proteins, their spray drying or lyophilisation and application in pharmaceuticals – in a form of tablets, again by means of the method of Soft tabletting.

Year 2007 - Another step in projects dealing with gradual release involved initiation of production of two-layer tablets, which enable combining fast onset of the effect of the first component with slow release of the other component. We prefer coating most tablets for the reason of an easy application, enhancement of appearance or their stability prolongation. We succeeded in implementing both the original formulation (www.easycoat.net) and the top equipment “selflearning“. This is the first contribution of the company FAVEA to the global trend in improving quality of products initiated by FDA in 2007 (Process Analytical Technology – Quality by Design).

Year 2008 - The year 2008 saw experimental works for implementing PAT technologies in process equipment for production of firm pharmaceutical forms by means of near infrared spectroscopy. The applied systems come from the companies Nicolet and Yokogawa. This system allows for better understanding of the latest level of applied processes and for guarantees top-quality products offered by our company.