Contract manufacturing

Pharmaceutical technology

The company FAVEA applies, in the course of processing natural products, the latest advanced technologies, such as micronization, microencapsulation, and quite recently also nanotechnology. Through these advancements in processing, our body is able to absorb and exploit the active substances in a much more effective way. Better biological availability leads to a lower effective dose and decreases the metabolic load on the digestive system. It also contributes to increased cost effectivenss and waste reduction. We label our preparations with information about the increased bio-availability due to this method.

Micronization is a frugal physical method. Original particles of the substance are fractionated and minimized down to the size of several micrometers resulting in a remarkable increase in surface area. As a result, the substance has better absorbability in the human body and the biological effectiveness and stability are significantly improved, accelerating the biological effect and easing digestion. The modification allows for smaller effective doses reducing possible undesired side effects. We label our preparations with information about the increased biological availability. Our company received a prize for “Innovation of the Year 2001” from the Ministry of Trade and Industry for these techniques.

Microencapsulation has been applied by our company for several years to incorporate oil components (vitamin E, poly-non-saturated fatty acids, volatile vegetable oils) into solid pharmaceutical forms, including tablets. Microencapsulation is a process where micro-drops of a liquid are coated with a suitable substance (sugars, proteins). Such a coating improves stability of the encapsulated oil – a suitably selected coating material acts as an absolute barrier for oxygen and guarantees perfect protection against oxidation. We can ensure for our customers a top product which remains stable and non-toxic for its entire life span. Microcapsules are also much easier to absorb and allow for complete utilization of oils even in people with oil digestion disorders.

It has been known for some time that the application of larger dosage does not always correspond to greater effectiveness. On the contrary, it is possible to achieve sustained desired effects even with poorly soluble natural substances. Our latest applied technology is difficult to imagine due to its minute nature, nevertheless, by means of the latest top technologies in the range of dozens up to hundreds of nanometers, new physical features and positive functions can now be applied. Nanotechnology brings about immense progress not only through increased effectiveness but also through the increased safety of applied substances.