The company FAVEA a.s. Kopřivnice

Has been awarded the GMP certificate which entitles the company to produce humane and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Our production activities focus on production of nutritional supplements, cosmetics and also on production and sales of food products and cosmetic substances.

Operation of the production premises in Kopřivnice, together with two other seperate production sites allows for the manufacturing of almost the entire spectrum of firm, semi-liquid and liquid pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food forms.

FAVEA disposes of equipment for micronization of substances applied for firm pharmaceutical, food as well as cosmetic forms. Micronization of active substances in drugs, nutritional supplements or cosmetics increases their biological availability and thus enables reduction of dosage with preservation or even increase in effect. This also results in reduction of consumption and cost saving, and also in elimination of undesired side effects.

Certificate SVP/ GMP

Certificate GMP HHLP-2011 Certificate GMP HHLP-2011 Certificate GMP HLP-2011 Certificate GMP HLP-2011 Certificate GMP CGMP 145-2011 Certificate GMP CGMP 145-2011