Contract manufacturing

Quality guarantee

Quality system control is constantly applied in the company FAVEA, depending on the type of current production and in accordance with valid international trends and/or relevant legislative requirements, such as The Correct Production Practices GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or HACCP.

A new principle, implemented in synergy of the companies Nicolet and Yokogawa, is PAT technology (Quality by design).

Quality systems are continuously audited and developed depending on new findings in each respective field. Updates are made according to legislative requirements as well as according to the immediate needs of the company or its customers. Responsibility for exercising the quality system within individual units is specified within the functional responsibilities of each respective managerial post.
Abidance by the requirements of the correct production practices is documented in the internationally recognized certificate for GMP and is verified through regular inspections by the State Institute for Drug Control.

The company FAVEA a.s. is a license holder for the production of pharmaceutical preparation, among others, as follows:

- Production, primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical preparations in a form of tablets
- Production, primary and secondary packaging of acknowledged curative preparations in a form of tablets (IMP)