Research and development

Why to develop pharmaceutical forms in the company FAVEA?

We apply pharmokinetics in order to make use of the physical-chemical abilities of substances to create products with significantly higher therapeutic values for the patient in comparison with the standard solutions.

We endeavour to apply the latest scientific and research findings as well as interesting additional substances of pharmacopoeial value. Micronization and co-micronization of active substances to the micron dimensions with enormous surface area and stable charge guarantees mixture uniformity without further division possibility. Such small dimensions enable detection of significantly higher levels in plasma as well as faster onset of effect.

The ultimate results of our work are two-layer tablets with once daily application or tablets to be divided and applied in halves with a reserve complying with pharmacopoeial criteria for weight uniformity.

Another speciality is the conversion of delta mannitol, by means of a suitable aqueous solution of active substance, into beta mannitol. Injection of water, however, does not bring about the necessity of drying which is completely unique in pharmaceutical technology. Biological availability of formulations developed by our company is close to absolute. Our company received a prize for Innovation of the Year 2001 for one such formulation.

Among key development projects in research and development of the company FAVEA count the following:

- modification of the active substance (of substance, extract, API and BPC)
- Pharmaceutical formulation – cores
- tablet coating
- blistering (adjustment)